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Metrics Testing

Metrics testing has become a staple of the baseball recruiting world. In the past 5 years this area of the recruiting world has exploded. All players are measured through various forms of metrics testing equipment/software to see how they measure up and can now see data about their “tools”. The Metrics are now a player separator as coaches and front offices use these important metrics to analyze players.

Now let’s dive into what metrics are taken for: Positional Players and Pitchers.

What Metrics are measured for a Positional Player:

60 or 30 yard dash times
Arm Velocity
Exit Velocity
Attack Angle
Hand Speed
Bat Speed
On Plane Efficiency
Pop Time (Catchers Only)
What Metrics are measured for a Pitcher:

Velocity of all pitches
Spin Rate
Spin Efficiency
True Spin Rate
Spin Direction
Pitch Break
Release Angle

Each player that takes part in a Scout Day, Data Day, or does a Private Session will receive these metrics tests. Findings will be linked to your Player Profile. Players metrics will be updated each time you take part in any of our events. We offer Private 1 on 1 sessions where we come to you or we coordinate session at facility or field.